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Developing the insurance of tomorrow.

Insurance needs new ideas and better software.

At INSURNEXT, we create solutions, that make insurance easy and delightful for customers and efficient for insurers. We know the ins and outs of the insurance sector and we have the technical expertise to create successful web solutions.

The status quo

From elephant...

In recent years, markets and customer needs have changed significantly. Through their experience with other services, such as banking, customers have become increasingly accustomed to fast, flexible and easy-to-use online services. They demand fast reactivity and do not want to wait days or weeks for a quote offer, their contract or for a claim to be resolved.
On the insurer's and broker's side, back-office processes have become too complicated and time-consuming, reducing profitability even more.

The goal leopard.

It's time to become agile, more customer-centric and let machines do all of the standard and repetitive back-office work.

  • Put the customer at the centre of all activities, provide them with a great user experience and always be a reliable companion.
  • Use modern backend tools to become more efficient and profitable.
  • Innovate proactively and don't wait to be changed by the market.

Meet the insurance of tomorrow.

Flexible & easy to understand.

The insurance of tomorrow adapts to the customer. It's easy to understand, transparent and it can be subscribed in minutes and coverage could range from a few hours to many years. And cancelling is as easy as ending an online subscription.

Paperless & instant.

The insurance of tomorrow says goodbye to paper. Customers receive their contract instantly via email after subscribing online and claims are handled digitally as well. This makes subscription and claims processes significantly faster.

Better claims.

The insurance of tomorrow is a reliable companion, especially in case of a claim. Through machine learning, it will be able to handle at least 40% - and potentially up to 80% - automatically and compensate the customer immediately.

Our Services


We have deep knowledge of the insurance sector and consult our clients on how they can enter the new, digital age of insurance.

For instance, we help insurers to make their products simpler, more flexible and personalisable and thus better suited for an online distribution.
On the back-office side, we help identify inefficiencies and tasks that can be automatised by computers.

In terms of marketing activities, we consult our clients in how to tell a story online and get content marketing, as well as online advertising right.

UX and UI Design

We put a lot of effort into user experience design to make insurance products easier to understand, get rid of analog processes, and make user flows shorter. We believe that subscribing to an insurance (or making a claim) should take minutes, not hours or days.

We have also adopted the 'privacy by design' principle, making privacy, and thus GDPR compliance, an integral part of our design and development process.

Web Development

We develop state-of-the-art JavaScript (NodeJS) applications, tailored to the needs of our clients. They're API-driven, fast, secure, scalable and hosted on European servers.

Our Work

ACL Assurance Voyages

100% digital travel insurance for the Automobile Club du Luxembourg

ACL Assurance Voyages

Luxembourg's first digital debt balance insurance


Exclusive home & vehicle insurance platforms


100% digital bike insurance platform for BeNeLux


Manage your buildings from a risk perspective

Vanbreda & Lang
Vanbreda Risk & Benefits
Cardif Lux Vie
Allianz Global Assistance
About us

We know insurance.

At INSURNEXT, we're not just a bunch of programmers aiming to disrupt an industry from the outside. We're changing it from the inside. We have career-long expertise in this field and we work closely with partners such as Bâloise and Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. We're also experts in developing state-of-the-art JavaScript applications.

If you're an actor in this industry from Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg, we can help you push insurance to the next level.

Our History

INSURNEXT has been founded in 2017 in Luxembourg. Since then, we have created successful solutions for clients such as Allianz and Bâloise. Today, we are working on many exciting projects and we will grow our team over the coming months and years.

Our Goal

INSURNEXT aims to significantly improve people's experiences with insurance, while increasing efficiency and profitability for insurers by reinventing the industry through modern and innovative web solutions. For the next couple of years, our field of action will be the BeNeLux countries and we aim to enter other European countries later on.

Together, let's develop
the insurance of tomorrow.